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Main Character: Wims Willams (Canadian)


Occupation: Founder of Willians English Training School /part-time author


Topic: Discovering and Exploring the You in You


Discovering and Exploring the You in You


Mr. Williams is from Canada, 34 years old, married a Chinese girl with two beautiful daughters. Mr. Williams Wims is ESL Teacher with over eight years of English teaching experience, teaching English as a second language to students around Asia and particularly in China.

A Bachelor degree in Media Communication,qualified and certified ESL Teacher, certified public Speaker and Trainer, apublished Author with titles including: ‘‘BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND, THE HERO INYOU and THE DIC-TALE’’


Mr. Williams motivates, encourage and impact students with knowledge that shows practical improvements in a short period of time.?His cordial and charming personality puts him among the well loved by students.


Wims Willams was born in a Christian family in Toronto, Canada. His father was a missionary [who passed away two years ago…may his gentle soul rest in peace] his mother ateacher. He has one elder brother and one elder sister [she passed four years ago after a long struggle with cancer].


Because of his father, Wims had many chances to travel different countries, cities and counties,seeing many culture and knowing different kinds of lifestyles around the colorful world. He has always been a big fan of living a free and easy going life and was keen on traveling. He has always wanted to live like a bird so that he could fly to each and every corner of the world. He hoped to travel farther and see more than his father does in the future.


随着时间的流逝,小威廉慢慢长大了。他就读多伦多Redeemer University College大学顺利的拿到了媒体传播学士学位。毕业后两年,他在一家小传媒杂志社当了两年写手。




As time went on, little Wims grew up day by day. He graduated from the Redeemer University College of Toronto with a Bachelor degree in media communication. He worked as a writer in a small magazine company for two years after his graduation.

In 2005 he had a job offer in China via his friend’s recommendation and was excited about it because he has always wanted to travel to Asia.

When his family heard about it, they were shocked, especially his father, who was known to be a bossy man. His father thought China was a dangerous and out-dated,uninformed and primitive culture minded country. He said: it wasn’t a safe place for Wims, and he thought there could be an impending disaster waiting for him there. His father strongly urged him against moving to China.




However, on recalling the incident, Wims said:”My father didn’t know much about the modern China at that time, what he knew about China was mostly from Chinese movies and TV programs and from the media’s propaganda”.

Despite his family’s protest against his plan, he refused to change his mind. “I am the main person to live with the consequences of my decisions” he said. When Wims came to China, he found that China developed faster than he could imagine.




Wims’s first teaching job was in Wendeng city, Shandong province, where he worked as an oral English teacher.

On recalling his interview experience before the employment, he mentioned something stunning. When the interviewer asked him about his salary expectation, he couldn’t tell how much he should be paid due to the fact that he had no teaching experience whatsoever at that time. So he made a surprising request. He requested to work as a volunteer for several months so that he could acquiresome experience.

Wow! What good news for the school! It was very difficult for schools to find a foreign teacher with low salary, talk less of voluntary teaching service by a foreign teacher. It was a gift –“swam meat” from God.





The school provided Wims with one of the best working conditions: flexible work schedule, wonderful dormitory and choice food on demand……it seemed that Wims lived in a “honey pot”.

Moreover Shandong people seem quite nice to him, warm and curious. Wims never thought a normal teacher could be so respected in China.

It was more than he could ask for, yet his deep hunger to travel andsee other places urged him to explore the nation’s rich culture.




Months laterhe started exploring the country. Visited Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Hainan, Shanghai and many other cities in China, he said he was impressed by how modern and developed these cities are and the differences in culture and style in each of the cities.

His second teaching job was in Shenzhen, where he worked in several schools. He felt Shenzhen is close to Hong Kong where he can easily dash in and out of HK anytime.



Being aquick leaner he started being pretty good at his job and acquired experience pretty quick. With his teaching experience, it was not difficult for him tofind good teaching jobs with better and better offers any more. After working for several different schools and English training institute, he found a problem: those schools still adopted some backward teaching methods. Most of the schools do not have a standard curriculum whatsoever, their teaching materials were inconsistent and with no standard teachers lesson plan: giving room for unplanned, un-functional and uncalculated study plan for students; bombarding students with disjointed information from different teachers; putting the teachers in a position of performing to impress the student and no room for the student to be responsible for their progress. While most of the schools still use outdated books to teach students vocabulary they may not even use in their daily life.



However, with modern technology the advanced teaching method is using APP software and multimedia teaching system. The advantage of multimedia teaching is that when students study at home, even if their parents do not understand English, they can still learn through APP software and get the knowledge by themselves.

And secondly, since Chinese students do not have the right English environment, then it is required that they engage in some personal practice outside the classroom.





Therefore in 2015, with years of experience and deep thinking, Wims decided to set up his own English training school, called “Willams English Training School”, located in Nancheng district, Dongguan city. He brought in international advanced software system “DynEd” that comes with a complete lineup of award-winning courses. ?

With more than 25 years of experience, DynEd's solutions are built on award-winning success and with its brain-based learning theory, DynEd’s solutions take learning to a new level, generating faster results. Coming with unique learning and data management systems, DynEd guides both teachers and learners at every step.




学生通过DynEd 的成功课程,在学校具有一定优势并为大学准备

学生通过DynEd 的独特方法,从基础到高级能迅速和自然的掌握英语



DynEd is rich in content, covering topics related to daily life, from children’s English, junior English, business English and adult English to professional English as follow:

-Kids stay engaged and motivated learning English with DynEd’s interactive solutions.

-Students get the confidence they need to excel in school and to prepare for university with DynEd’s English for success course.

-Students from basic to advance gain English fluency quickly and naturally with DynEd’s unique approach.

-Professionals build the English language skills they need to stay competitive in theworkplace.



Wims was very proud in displaying and presenting to me how the DynEd system works. Through listening and repeating, dialogue and other leaning ways, students can easily lean English. Currently, DynEd is the world’s leading provider of English language learning software and its courseware is the most highly awarded in the field. ?



At present Wims focuses on helping his students to speak English fluently, he work tirelessly every day in developing the school’s curriculum, preparing for classes, giving classes, counseling students, closely monitoring and observing student’sprogress, conducting student’s evaluation and motivating discouraged students to forge on in the battle of making English language theirs. He has been running the school for over two years, and the business is becoming better and better.



But as for Wims, the result isn’t satisfactory. He works quite hard every day, and invests much of his time in exploring new markets. He adopts variety of methods to attract more students, such as holding out-door English corner, having communication meeting and so on. As long as it can help to improve Chinese student’s English.


He said, heis writing a book at the moment, named: “Dic-Tale”, Dic-Tale is kid’s picture dictionary with stories. The reason is that Wims can’t find one dictionary only for kids in the market. When kids learn English words,they have to look up the adult dictionary. It is not good for them. The adult dictionary is so boring and unsuitable for kids. But the upcoming “Dic-tale”will be very interesting. It does not only include some new words, but also inserts some lovely pictures, short stories, rhymes and chants. I do believe the kids willlove it.


如今,威廉专注他的英语培训事业。但其实,除了教学,他还是一名业余作家。他业余时间在不停的写书。目前已出了两本书,在网上销售(如Amazon, outskirtpress,barns&nobles, booamilion等网站)。一本是BEYOUR BEST FRIEND《成为自己最好的朋友》——注重如何引导成为最好的自己。因为不管怎么样,你是一直伴随自己的人。而另一本是THEHERO IN YOU《你心目中的英雄》——注重发现和探索你自己的内心。听起来,像是两本哲学书。威廉表示,从小对自己十分的有信心。他不管做什么事,从来没有怀疑过自己。曾经有位伟人说过,“你能看到的最棒的人就是将来的你。”


Nowadays, Wims focus on his teaching career. But aside from teaching, he is also an amateur writer. He spends his spare time on writing. Up until now, he has already published two books, which are sold online

[Amazon,outskirtpress,barns&nobles, booamilion, and many other websites]. His published titles includes: “BE YOUR BEST FRIEND”—focus on guiding you to be the best person you can have on your side. Because you are the only person that will always be with you no matter what. The other is “THE HERO IN YOU”—is about discovering and exploring the you in you. The two books look like philosophy books. Wims said he is great confident on himself from his childhood. Whatever he does, he never ever doubts himself. A great man once said: “The me I see is the me I’ll be”


可见,威廉的内心非常强大。他总是追求美好的事物,而且从不放弃。除了英语培训,他还有许多的梦想,成为一名业余作家,成为农场主,成为一名导演(希望自己退休后能拍电影)…….人生就是在不断造梦与圆梦的过程,没有人知道你将来会成为谁。”正如当初威廉想不到自己会写书,想不到自己会来中国,想不到会跟中国人结婚,想不到自己会有两个可爱的女儿等等。“但是如果你不断的发现与探索自己的内心,你一定有更大的潜能,成为任何一个你想成为的人——Youare the hero in you你就是你心中的英雄。威廉对自己来的未来充满了信心。(本期毕)

Obviously,Wims’s heart is quite strong. He is always pursuing everything good and never giving up. Apart from teaching, he has a number of other dreams: to be a writer, to be a farmer, to be a film director (he is hoping to produce movies when he is retired)……”Life is a process of constantly dreaming, no one knows who you will become.” In the past, Wims didn’t know he would write some books, he didn’t know he would come to China, he didn’t know he would marry to a Chinese girl and he didn’t know he would have two girls……“But if you insistently discover and explore your own heart, you must find a greater potential to become who you want to be—you are the hero in you."Wims is full of confidence in his future.Finished





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